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Custom "Spoonie" gnome ornament

Have me make you one of my popular "Spoonie" gnome ornaments.  Spoonie Gnomes ornaments feature a bamboo 5 inch spoon, an ultra bendy hat, and a string for hanging.  Make a gnome that resembles someone, matches your home or signifies a season or event. These gnome ornaments stand between 5-6 inches tall.  


(Gnomes pictured are examples and are not for sale.)


Please see my Custom Gnome Guide to help with your creation.



What is a "Spoonie"?

The term "Spoonie" was coined by Christine Miserandino. She used spoons to demonstrate what it was like to have an "invisible" illness such as fibromyalgia, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome.  The story goes that everyone starts the day with a certain amount of spoons.  As the day goes on the spoons are taken away depending on the activities undertaken.  If you do too much, you run out of spoons.  There is a possibility of gaining a spoon by resting and not pushing yourself too hard.  There are days when you need an extra spoon and that's where these little "Spoonie" gnomes come in.


Customization Process:

I will stay in touch with you the whole time which includes lots of pictures along the way.

Here is a guide to help you come up with your customization, you can also see my blog post for detailed information:


STEP ONE:  Hair Colour: After you put in your order I need to know the hair color (white or multi brown) so I can begin making the body form of the gnome.


STEP TWO:  Inspiration and color choices: I need to know your color choices for the hat. It helps if you have an inspiration (such as Christmas, a particular flower, colour coordination for your house) or even a picture.


STEP THREE:  Trial and error: I want this to be your favourite item and to be something special. I will take your colour choices and blend together some fibers. I will show you some pictures and you honestly critique it. We repeat this until it's perfect.


Be sure to see all of my premade gnomes at Gnomes For Your Homes.


Each gnome is put into an organza bang and wrapped in beautiful tissue paper. He is safely placed in a thick cardboard box for their travels.

Custom "Spoonie" gnome ornament

  • These are ornamental gnomes and are not meant to be toys.

    Depending on the wool used for the hat, they can be a bit fragile. These items are handmade, if pulled too hard, the item may be damaged. I do put them through a rigorous pulling test to ensure this doesn't happen.

    Give a light pat to get rid of any dust.

    When the gnome arrives, it's hair may be a little flat. Hang the gnome upside down and gently twirl. The hair should bounce back.

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