More Gnomes

Custom, 6 inch, hand felted gnome, just how you like it.

Have me make you a custom gnome six inches tall.   Completely your choice, color, gender,  hat style.


These gnomes are specially made for you.  Design a gnome/ tomte/ troll that matches your home, tastes or signifies a season or event. Completely your choice of color and theme.  These gnomes make excellent unique, individualized gifts.  


See the guidance questions below to help you with your customization.  I also have an in-depth guide.  Guide to Ordering Custom Gnomes


**Gnomes pictured are examples and are not for sale.**


These beautifully handmade gnomes are hand felted by me using the needle felting technique. They are individually made from head to toe. The hats are made of various wool that have been blended to create a unique fabric, no two are the same. Beards are made from Teeswater and/or Wensleydale locks.


Here is a guide to help you come up with your customization:

All gnomes start out with a bundle of wool with a nose is stuck on it.


  • Would you like traditional white locks or would you like to mix it up with dark browns and greens, oranges and blues?
  • What colors do you want to be included in the hat?
  • Is there a preferred primary color?  
  • Is there a theme?


And that is basically what I need. Then I make something up and show you the pictures, maybe ask a couple more questions then you say "ok," or "what about...".


If you want pictures of any of the materials (like locks or wool) let me know.

For more information or message me directly .


  • Unfortunately, because of the handmade nature of the gnome, I cannot say he is safe for children
  • Photos have been taken in natural light.  I have done my best to match the real-life colour, however, because monitors and phones are different, there will be some colour variation.


Gnome Folklore:
There is various folklore surrounding Gnomes. They are usually portrayed as small magical beings that mostly live underground. They protect Mother Nature’s animals and precious gems and metals. 


Nisse/tomte are thought to bring good luck and protect the homes, animals, farms, gardens, and people that treat them nicely. However, they may cause mischief to those that harm them.  In Scandinavia, the nisse was said to deliver gifts to the door.



Custom, 6 inch, hand felted gnome, just how you like it.

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